Article first published in The Descrier

Theresa May prioritises populism, ignores reality of the refugee crisis

Theresa May has one objective when it comes to refugees: to keep them out of Britain. In her first three months as Prime Minister she has scrapped the post of minister for Syrian refugees, allocated £2 million to build a wall in Calais and called for greater investment in refugee-producing countries – all to combat migration. This refusal to share responsibility with global partners shows a naive grasp of the situation and a callous attitude towards human rights…[read full article]

Article first published in The Migrationist

A shout out to men of fighting age

‘They’re men of fighting age!’ scream the headlines, conjuring up images of threatening brutes. Aggressive rhetoric and hyperbole have coloured the migration debate in the UK throughout 2016, targeting young, male refugees in particular. British MP David Davies claims refugees are not ‘averse to lying about their ages’, and should undergo dental checks, sparking a vicious campaign against ‘hulking’ teenagers being reunited with their families. Young men living in the Calais Jungle have been painted as ticking time bombs by the tabloid press, creating an aura of fear and ignoring the majority who crave peace and a fresh start. I spent two weeks in Calais volunteering at the Ashram Kitchen, serving food alongside the Jungle’s men of fighting age…[read full article]