A shout out to men of fighting age

‘They’re men of fighting age!’ scream the headlines, conjuring up images of threatening brutes. Aggressive rhetoric and hyperbole have coloured the migration debate in the UK throughout 2016, targeting young, male refugees in particular. British MP David Davies claims refugees are not ‘averse to lying about their ages’, and should undergo dental checks, sparking a vicious campaign against ‘hulking’ teenagers being reunited with their families. Young men living in the Calais Jungle have been painted as ticking time bombs by the tabloid press, creating an aura of fear and ignoring the majority who crave peace and a fresh start. I spent two weeks in Calais volunteering at the Ashram Kitchen, serving food alongside the Jungle’s men of fighting age:

‘Keep it’, says Marwan, ‘keep it!’ I stand shivering as my taxi approaches. ‘Honestly Marwan, I don’t need it, really, please take it back.’
‘Keep it!’ he insists. There is no persuading him. We hug goodbye, me wrapped up in his winter jacket, him in a jumper in the cold. I stop feeling guilty. It seems appropriate that Marwan, who refuses to stand in food lines, prefers to keep me warm than keep his jacket.

‘Would you like to see my church?’ asks Michael. He doesn’t mind that I’ve stopped believing. Through the mud, tents and burnt-out structures we walk towards a cross that marks his oasis. I take off my boots and step inside. A woman and her child stand before the Virgin Mary. I watch the Ethiopian men kneel down, their bellies and arms flat on the ground in devotion.

‘This photo was taken in Afghanistan,’ says Zabi, ‘When I was a mummy’s boy’. I step back from the makeshift sink and compare the boy in a traditional long shirt to the tracksuited young man in front of me. The endearing expression is exactly the same. ‘You’re still a mummy’s boy Zabi’, I reply. ‘You’re just living in a different country!’ He beams and we resume washing up together.


‘I refused to fight so Assad’s men put me in prison. When I was there they hurt me every day’, recalls Hassan. ‘My uncle was able to bribe the officials. When they let me out I fled Syria straight away. Now I worry all the time for my family.’

‘Ladies first!’ says the man from Sudan, laughing and pouring my tea. ‘We are in Europe after all. In Africa the man comes first!’ We sit for a while together, sipping tea and eating biscuits. Unlike the younger men I meet, he has decided to ask for asylum in France and has started to learn the language.

‘You have to try this,’ says Wassim, handing me a chilli-flavoured crisp dipped in Philadelphia. ‘In Syria we would fill a huge bowl with crisps, invite all our friends round and watch movies. Those days were the best!’
‘Every Syrian has a plan’, he tells me. ‘Marwan’s is to reach his brother in London.’ Their group includes two pharmacists, an engineer and an English teacher. ‘Not bad, for a bunch of migrants!’ says Wassim with a wry smile.

I remember blushing at Wassim’s use of Prime Minister David Cameron’s words, said at the beginning of this year. Yet ‘bunch of migrants’ is quite benign in comparison to the rhetoric we hear as 2016 draws to a close. Rhetoric that questions the very legitimacy of the right to asylum.

The Calais camp I visited is no more, but what is the future of the people who lived there? People whose strength is characterised as a threat to society not a potential for success. Yet a man of fighting age is also a man of studying age. A man of working age. A man at an age in which he can still learn a language and adapt to the rhythm of a new society. These stories – those of the real men of fighting age – are stories we must tell.

12 thoughts on “A shout out to men of fighting age”

  1. I think it’s just wonderful that you are helping so many Afghans and Africans fleeing the war in Syria. It must be exhausting for them to first travel to Syria, gain citizenship, then flee the war via Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France so they can finally find a safe place to live in Britain.

    Why, within 30 years we too will be a majority Islamic State under Sharia law and it will be just like home for them if they’re Muslim, and if not, well, they can flee with us to ah, oh, we have nowhere to flee to.

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      1. You have a good heart, that much is clear. What you fail to see is that in the long run demographics is destiny. The 3rd world is not a latitude and longitude. It is primarily racial and to an extent religious as well. Land is finite and those that populate that land determine the culture. That the culture of African and Muslim lands is one of endless war, unsustainable childbirth, famine and injustice has nothing, NOTHING, to do with the land itself. It is a product of race and religion.

        Answer honestly. Do you want to live under Sharia Law in a Muslim majority land? Do you want to live in a majority Negro land? And even if you do have those unnatural desires, do you have the right to change the land of your people into places like where these people come from?

        Do you know that for the cost of housing one of these people in Britain the same money could look after maybe a hundred in a safe country in Africa? If you true concern was to help them you would favour that option. Are you totally unaware that every single White country is being transformed by Afro-Islamic immigration and that this will turn us into the 3rd world just as Hispaniola became Haiti or Rhodesia became Zimbabwe?

        Do you not see the long term consequences of what amounts to a genetic invasion? You see, this idea that there is “Only one race the human race” is quite simply untrue. (It is Marxist propaganda) It is as untrue as saying there is “Only one race the Cat race” and therefore it matters not if all the Siberian Tigers are wiped out because they are being replaced with tabby cats.

        There are several human races and the White race is one of them. Wars have been fought for this, and war will come to this land as a result of misplaced philanthropy conjoined with those deliberately attempting to destroy White, Western civilisation by mass immigration.

        Even if you find my comments awkward or uncomfortable, remember only one thing, that DEMOGRAPHICS IS DESTINY.

        I am now going to show you the future you yourself are trying to bring about. I have only touched upon Muslim numbers, but that alone is enough to awaken those who hold to such telescopic philanthropy.

        The census findings have shown Muslim numbers roughly doubling every ten years. However, and it is a massive however, that trend is vastly accelerating as the age distribution clearly shows. Muslims, as a percentage of the population by age are, as of 2011:

        All: 4.8%
        65+: 1.2%
        25-64: 4.4%
        16-24: 6.2%
        5-15: 8.1%
        0-4: 9.1%

        This means that Muslim numbers will more than double each decade as we advance from here (2011 census).

        A projection of Muslim numbers in Britain based on the census findings:
        2001 – 1.5 million
        2011 – 2.8 million (Plus an unknown number of illegal immigrants. Halal food sales suggest that the real figure in 2011 was higher.)

        2021 – 6-7 million?
        2031 – 12-15 million?
        2041 – 28-33 million?
        2051 – 60-70 million?

        The future of our land, our home, is an Afro-Islamic Pakistan under Sharia Law, thanks to the tender loving care of enemies and misplaced philanthropy.

        Take care.

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  2. Reading your blog, it looks like you have some sort of sexual fetish for middle eastern and African refugees.

    You are sick I hope you get better.


  3. Only white people are willing to open up their countries like this. It’s partly cultural, what with the Enlightenment and all that, but the cultural component is probably only an expression of some genetic trait that is peculiar to whites. Because let’s face it, women’s rights, children’s rights, worker’s rights, animal rights, the environment, minority rights, all these progressive causes are promoted almost exclusively by white people. The people at an environment protest could be mistaken for a meeting of the British National Party, they are so lily white.
    As whites become minorities in their own countries, the causes so beloved by white liberal types will be lost forever. I suspect that a lot of white liberal women realise this, but their desire to belong to a harem of a rich and powerful man – and “big man” societies are what all leftist societies gravitate towards – is just too strong and they can’t help themselves. 20,000 young British women convert to Islam each year.


      1. We must not encourage refugees to attempt to migrate to the UK since it is unsustainable. Most responsible statesmen and women realise this for their nations. It would be far better to help genuine refugees in the countries neighbouring their own country to which they have fled since they can then easily return when things improve and the culture there is likely to be more what they’re used to. There is famous video “immigration gumballs” that illustrates with the aid of bubble gum the futility of trying to solve Third World poverty by allowing mass Third World immigration. There are 70 million people born into poverty each year, there is no way they can all be settled in the West. Far better to help people where they are and deal firmly with people who want to enter illegally


  4. Lady, you are a typical stupid liberal twit. God help us all. You are too God damn thick to understand that the only thing these primtives wan is to sodomize you. I hope they are successful. It might clear your feeble mind.


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