Where is your family?


My sister lives in London with her husband and two-week old baby. My brother and his family live next door, my parents live in Suffolk and I moved home to London to be near them.

My parents live in Canada, my wife and kids in Lebanon and I am here – in Calais.’ 30 years old from Syria

My fifth child is with my parents in Afghanistan

‘My uncle lives in Italy, my mother, sisters, brothers and I are in Athens. My father was killed in Kunduz. That was when we fled.’ 15 years old from Afghanistan

‘My elder brother lives in London and my younger brother in Turkey. My parents and my sisters are in Damascus and we don’t know where my third brother is. He was taken from the hospital by Assad’s men. I am in Calais.’ 28 years old from Syria

‘My sister is in Italy, my brother, my wife, my other sister and her newborn baby are in Germany. My parents live in Raqqa and I am here – in London.’ 31 years old from Syria

‘I live in Birmingham. My whole family lives in Kabul. My mother is ill so I am working to pay for her operation in Pakistan.’ 22 years old from Afghanistan

‘I am in Athens with four of my children. My fifth child is with my parents in Afghanistan.’ 26 years old from Afghanistan

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